This content invites you to go beyond your desires - and dares you to admit the existence of your big bold dreams. 


Trine inspired me in a heartfelt way to allow myself the most beautiful journey; towards embracing my personal dream life - and realizing that all the tools I need are already handy.


No more excuses!

Mariana M


Trine has an incredibly calm and relaxed nature, and her harmonious energy is immediately transmitted. This makes it easy to feel connected and open up. She has the ability to make you ask yourself all the right questions.


Trine  has a unique view and can always give you another perspective.


This helped me a lot when I felt stuck.

Daniel R


Trine has put together a very well thought-out self-development journey. I loved her personal shares relating to her life.


As a coach, I found the content easy to understand, and I can definitely use the tools to take a deeper look.


I had many light-bulb moments. 


Meeghan N

South Africa

  • I believe it is our birthright to BE WHO WE ARE, and that we get to bring ALL of us to where our inner truth is leading us. 


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